Monday, July 13, 2015

Combat take two

Okay, so I totally let myself slide back to a worse place than I was before I started this blog.  So with renewed vigor I am going to attempt to lose the weight all over again.  Le sigh.

Now that I am done with travelling, I can focus on building better habits.  My main aids in this are going to be HabitRPG and my shiny new fitbit.  HabitRPG is a great website that allows you to track your habits and assign yourself with to-dos and daily tasks that earn you XP.  When you reach level ten you get to chose a class and gain skills that help you on your journey to be a better person.  Their slogan is very appropo, "Gamify your life".  You can also make a party with friends and slay monsters like the "endless dishes monster" and earn cool prizes.  you also find pets and level them up to steeds.  The mobile version of the app kinda blows but it is a great tool in building better habits.
witness my shiny new biometric reader
I got a fitbit charge HR which I LOVE!  The fact that it measures your heartbeat and then uses that to calculate how many calories you burned the whole day instead of a really vague guesstimate of calories burned during activity (really 60 minutes of walking is only 200 calories? really?).  Mike, my husband, has gotten one too, and so it really fosters competition between us.  It lasts for about 5 days if you don't obsessively check your steps and calorie burn every two seconds (totally guilty of that on the first day). The app connects to which I use to track food and it connects to the fitbit for a "calorie adjustment".  Fitbit also has an in app food tracker, but I like myfitnesspal's database better.  I might switch over to fitbit only, but it won't be for a while since I have all of Combat's recipes already loaded into myfitnesspal.

I am keeping to my new year's resolution of just doing my best and not getting down on myself if I have a cheat day.  I just know that combat works for me, and I can do it!

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