Monday, October 7, 2013

Week four - I think being in a play is preventing me from losing weight

Okay, so it is week four and I've only managed to keep a single pound off.  And even that is up to contention.  The scale was a little twitchy this morning and I decided to the sake of my sanity that I would choose the lower number that it was wavering between.  I know, it's kinda cheating, but I need to feel like I'm making some progress.  I mean come on, I'm even exercising through dance in my play rehearsals so shouldn't that count for something?  Here are some things that I think are preventing me from reaching my goals:

1) Even though I am dancing my butt off at dance rehearsals, I am not exercising every day.  And to be honest most of the dancing that we are doing is walking from formation to formation.  [Speaking of the play, you should come see Mike and me in, "The Producers" at Woodside center for the Arts on Oct. 25-27 and Nov. 1-3].  Granted the tap numbers cause me to work up a sweat, but I'm really counting a 3 hr. dance rehersal as only one hour of aerobic dance because of the low impact nature of the other numbers.

2) Because I'm in a play, my eating schedule is crazy.  I usually have a FiberOne granola bar in the morning, then a salad for lunch.  If I can, and if I remember, I'll squeeze in dinner before rehersal, but more often than not I wait until rehearsal is done to eat dinner.  When I do that, I'm consuming on average 700 calories right before going to bed which I know is a huge no-no, but I can't go to bed hungry.  It just doesn't work.  So I really think that even on the days that I am under calorie, the fact that I am consuming a huge amount of them late in the evening causes them to just sit there.

3) I haven't been that good at recording my calories the last two weeks because I've been crazy busy.

So here is how I plan to fix/overcome those challenges:
1) Do ten minutes of exercise every day.  I can fit ten minutes in.
2) I shall eat no food after 9:00 p.m.  That means I need to eat something before rehearsal or bring something to eat during it.
3) Record my calories everyday, especially the weekends.

I have to be honest, I thought I was setting my bar really low at one pound a week.  I did not expect it to be this hard.  But everything that is worth something requires hard work. 

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