Monday, November 4, 2013

Post Mortem on Halloween - wanted to post this before, but was busy :-S

Okay, so I dodged the crazy candy rush of Halloween because I didn't go trick or treating and I wasn't home to hand out candy.  Also I was too busy to go to the grocery store to buy a bag of candy and I'm staying far away until the sale is over.  It's just too tempting.  :)  I love Halloween for the dressing up rather than the sweets, but they are always nice.  I was disgusted by the lady in North Dakota who handed out letters to "fat" kids and candy to "skinny" kids.  As someone who is on shaky ground about her body image, this would have destroyed my self confidence as a kid.  If I was a parent of one of these "fat" kids, I would be sending her a bill for the therapy my kid would need.  I understand what she was trying to do, but then she shouldn't have given candy to ANY child. 

Halloween is a tough holiday as many kids are just focused on getting as much candy as possible.  For me, the holiday is much more about dressing up and gathering with friends.  This focus on candy is also really hard on children who can't eat mainstream candy.  I love how one of my co-workers bought little toys and coloring books to hand out instead of candy.  However, she had a five-year old exclaim, "Are you serious?"  when he got the coloring book.  She took the book back and sent the young man on his way.  If I had been the parent of the sassy child, I would have been mortified.  It is a privilege to go house to house to receive gifts in return for prayers (according to the history of Halloween), not a right.  We would have been, "time to go home".  The fervor over candy during Halloween is just crazy.  Older kids grabbing handfuls of candy, some dumping whole cauldrons into their bags.  God, I sound like an old fart (*waves cane and yells at the kids to get off my lawn)  It's this fervor over sweets because it is the one day of the year where it isn't restricted that is the challenge during this holiday.  I say let them have candy all throughout the year, so they don't get rabid over it on this one day.  I know the sweet siren call of the forbidden fruit (yes Dr. Pepper, I can hear you calling).  If it wasn't restricted, then it wouldn't be so alluring.  So am I telling myself to drink soda? ;)

I applaud people who do the healthy choices during holidays and brave the criticisms from the juveniles.  I will probably try to be one of those people because in the past when we have had candy to give out, I ate more than I gave.  It is just too tempting.  Now that the Halloween craze has died down, it is time for the big holiday, the day that will really test my resolve and determination, THANKSGIVING.  My thoughts on my favorite culinary holiday next week.

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  1. If you need any help coming up with great low fat, low cal recipes for bird day, let me know! I even just invented a carrot cake that is 160 calories per slice! :)