Monday, September 16, 2013

11 days without soda

So the first major thing I'm trying in my epic battle to lose weight is to cut out soda from my diet.  All the Internets say it is the best way to start losing weight.  Something about the high fructose syrup goes straight to fat.  Damn it Jim, I'm a physicist not a chemist!  We shall see.
No more, sweet, soothing nectar of the Gods that is Dr. Pepper!  No more will I turn to you Coke Zero for that little extra oomph.  I can do this...

If only soda wasn't so delicious and gave me blinding migranes when I drank too much of them.  No seriously, some diet drinks make me go blind in one eye.  It isn't just diet soda, any diet drink does it to me, probably a reaction to aspartame.  So that's the real reason I stopped drinking soda.

It took me a while to find my substitution, but I have found my pseudo-heavenly nectar in the form of Snapple's "Lightly sweetened" tea.  So far I have only found two flavors, Peach Passionfruit and Pomogranate Cherry, and I have only seen them in my local safeway.  I wouldn't recommend drinking them like they are going out of style as each bottle is 80 cal.  But one a day is enough to curb the craving for something sweet and not water.


  1. Not sure if stevia works for you, but Whole Foods sells stevia-sweetened sodas that are quite tasty. I've only tried Root Beer, Strawberry, and Orange because I'm not a cola fan, but they were all the perfect little treat (I drink 1 or 2 diet sodas/month).
    If you can find whole stevia leaves you can even toss those into a pot of tea while it's steeping to get some calorie-free sweetness.

  2. I would second the Zevia. I'm actually not really into soda, but sometimes I get the root beer and put so delicious stevia sweetened coconut milk ice cream in it. Most awesome dessert and very few calories.

  3. Flavored (or not!) fizzy water with a splash of juice is my favorite! I love juice, but it's hard with all the sugar and carbs and calories when you're trying to be mindful. But with just a splash, you get the taste, you get the fizz, you get the sweet, AND it's filling AND it doesn't "cost" you very much.

  4. Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I might reserve the actual soda ones for a reward when I hit a bench mark!