Thursday, September 26, 2013

My successes and failures during week one

Okay so I realize this is way late, but I been a bit busy between work and play rehearsals.  So As you can see from the graph I actually gained three pounds.  :( . This is why I don't weigh myself everyday, but instead had decided to weigh myself once a week.  I was hoping to avoid the daily up-shifts.  I had even weighed myself on the same scale at the same time of day as the first measurement.  Oh, well, I can't deny the data.

I was kinda surprised at the gain, because I honestly felt better all week.  It seemed that my pants weren't so tight, I wasn't super hungry and longing for ice-cream.   Besides I had been SO good during the week.  I was under my calorie goal EVERYDAY during the week.  So why did I gain weight?  Then I remembered I took a cheat weekend to host a friend's b-day party.  There was much food to be had AND I had McDonalds 10 piece chicken nuggets and fries.  I was not good at all on the weekends and my shame knows no bounds, and I am paying the consequences.  Also I know the graph looks very dramatic right now, but hopefully it'll look dramatic in the right way in a few weeks!

Instead of focusing on the frustrating weight gain, I am going to focus on what went right during week one.  Firstly, I was under calorie EVERYDAY during the week!!!  Huzzah!  This is a huge accomplishment for me considering I have NEVER been able to do this.  I also went out to dinner with my lovely husband and I was really jones-ing for something creamy and decadent, so I ordered the appetizer mac'n'cheese.  Because it was an appetizer, I also ordered a Chinese chicken salad (which has a depressing amount of calories for a salad, between 500-1000 cal depending on size and the accoutrements).  Let me just say that the appetizer was WAY more than an appetizer portion should be.  So before digging into the mac'n'cheese, I ate the salad first.  Since the salad was not small either, I boxed the mac'n'cheese up and managed to split it over two days.

So yeah, it's all about the slow steps and not reverting to emotional eating.  Because I don't want to continue gaining weight, I've reduced my calorie count to 1400/day.  I went over on monday by 20 cal, but I've managed to be under by a bit each day, so VICTORY!!!  Also I am forcing myself to put things into myfitnesspal app BEFORE I eat them.  Before I would do the nom noms and then put it in and regret my decisions or force me to run in place for an hour to burn those extra calories.  Now I am using my calorie limit to make better decisions.

I won't let three pounds ruin my resolve, if anything it has lit a fire under my butt to do better!

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