Monday, January 20, 2014

SuperRecipe: Turkey Quinoa chili [meal]

SuperFoods used: Quinoa, Black beans, (can top with avocado but it pushes the calorie content)

Serving size: 1 cup

Calories per serving: 264 Calories

I really like this recipe.  It was super easy to make and I was able to omit the chipotle peppers and chili to make a super mild version, but the cumin and cinnamon really keep it flavorful.  After cooking the ground turkey (yes 1/2 a pound is more than enough meat) and quinoa, it was basically a dump it in a pot and forget about it.  I had never eaten quinoa before and so I was hesitant, but after tasting it, I realized it has the taste of brown rice and a very pleasant texture.  I also considered omiting the beans, but it turns out I like black beans in this context.  They give a great meaty texture to an almost vegetarian dish.  Honestly, I think the dish would be fine if you omitted the turkey.  I like meat so I added it in :).

My chili didn't turn out as red as the picture from the recipe because I used diced tomatoes and I couldn't find adobo sauce, so I used powder instead.  Overall a great dish, easy to make, and it is very filling.  Next batch I'm actually going to count how many cups it comes out to to have a better estimate of meal size.  I've been eating about 2 cups in one sitting, and so far I've gotten about 7 meals out of one pot!  In short definitely making this again!

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