Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's been awhile...

So yesterday was my 29th birthday and if caused me to enter into a deep reflection. Was I where 12 year-old me thought I was going to be by the time I was thirty. Upon deep thought, I figured out I had made most of my long term goals: 1) I am a high school math and science teacher. 2) I am married to a wonderful man 3) I have a pet! My parents only let me have a turtle and it wasn't cuddly :( There were a few however that I haven't made: 1) I don't own a house or really a car (Mike owns CC) 2) I don't have any kids even though I've been married for five years. It seems like my married friends are popping out babies left and right (Congrats Jasmine!) 3) I'm overweight and I have self-image issues. Don't get me wrong, I love my life and I'm very happy, but I just want to enter my thirties feeling like I'm in a good place physically. I kinda see this year as one of my last chances to get it together before the ol' body starts breaking down. To be perfectly honest my body was breaking down in my twenties with my back and bad joints, so my main goal for this year is to be in a better place health and physically speaking. Here are my goals for the last year of my twenties: 1) lose at least 24 pounds (it's not as much as I need to lose, but I want it to be attainable :)) 2) Be under calorie count for 30 days straight (I will restart the counter each time I'm over) 3) complete at least 1.5 hrs of exercise a week The other two goals (house and baby) I will be working on with my husband :), but the third one is all about me and only i can do it. I know that if I lose weight and start taking better care of myself I will feel better about myself. It's kinda daunting and scary, but totally doable. I want to enter my thirties feeling good.

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