Thursday, January 22, 2015

I feel like I hit a major turning point

McDonald chicken nuggets are no longer delicious.

I didn't believe this day would ever come.  I used to crave them, and the salty deliciousness of McDonald's fries. But now they taste disgusting and my body literally rejects them.

When I'm in production for a play, my eating habits become worse than shit.  Usually the only thing I can grab quickly is fast food of some variety.  In high school, we had the mom's keep us straight by cooking delicious dinners for us and we had regular dinner and snack breaks.  In college, the cafeteria was open at all hours, so it was grab a slice of pizza before rehearsal, burn it off, then grab 2 more slices after rehearsal, one for now and the other for after cramming in homework.  I think i ODed on pizza during those years, because I didn't eat a single slice of pizza for like two whole years after graduating, but recently the cravings for pizza hit me strong.  But at least pizza has an iota of nutritional value since it contains many of the food groups.  Now that I'm an adult and doing a lot more theater than I used to I miss having either a mom to cook food for me or a cafeteria with a semblance of healthy food.  My choices are sandwich from the local deli, but hurry cause it closes at 5:00, or the 24hr McDonald's.

I know, I know.  It is my choice to do theater in my free time, so I should plan better by cooking meals ahead of time and bringing them to rehearsal and blah blah blah.  Ain't no one got time for that!  Also many of the theaters and rehearsal spaces I've working in don't have microwaves, and I can't stomach cold soup or pasta.  So McDonald's and then a late night Denny's run has been my pattern.

But no longer will I answer the siren call of the golden arches.  I will try to plan better and bring food that isn't messy or require radiation to eat.  If must buy nourishment and it must be quick, I will go for a sandwich before I ever eat that fried goop again.  I'm going to try to resist the fourth meal temptations by bringing fruit and cheese as snacks to rehearsals and shows.  But nothing is more delicious than chocolate chip pancakes after a performance :).

Soda is still a major temptation, but let's just take it one at a time shall we?.

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  1. I really like keeping up with this blog. Your picture of the rhino on the treadmill staring at the unicorn was such a perfect image of what the struggle is about. The rhino looks fine, it looks healthy, but its wants to be better.

    When I was learning to drive a stick shift, I heard a story about a guy with one arm who shift, uphill, around a corner. To me, that was amazing, and I knew if he could do it, so could I. Reading these blogs is the same: If Mae Linh can work full time as a teacher, have a family, do a ton of theatre stuff, keep up with her gaming hobby, and still focus on healthy diet and exercise, then I can wake up and run before work. Thank you for keeping up with this. I think you said that you started this to keep yourself accountable. Now you know that other people are looking to you to keep going.