Thursday, January 29, 2015

So very much this:

Video from Buzzfeed

This is why I've come to terms with the fact that I don't handle diets very well.  I'm really good for about a week and then I crash, hard.  Instead of completely denying myself certain foods, I instead am just trying to stay in a prescribed calorie limit.  That means if I choose to eat a slice of cake, I have to swap out my Hamburger for a salad.  So far it's been okay, there have been days when I have failed, but it is okay to slip up now and again.  What is important is to keep the overall trend below the prescribed calorie limit.  I'm also trying to make sure I have a proper nutritional content within these calories, so I'm eating what my body needs to do what it does.

I dislike fad diets, or those list of FOODS YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT AGAIN!!!!!  Until I see a well documented scientific paper with quantifiable data I shall continue to eat bananas because a) they are delicious and b) without their phosphate I get the WORST charlie horses.

Being healthy is about making choices, not complete denial of everything except lemons and cayenne pepper.  I think I'll keep doing as I do to prevent the destruction of any cake within a mile radius.

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