Thursday, July 17, 2014

Adventures in new food - chia seeds

Part of the nutrition guideline to Les Mills combat is servings of fat.  When I think of fat, I normally think of oils and butter, but fat comes from a lot of different sources: egg yolk, nuts and seeds.  I have no trouble including fat servings in my main meals, but the snacks were giving me some issues.  I don't really dig nut butters, and it depresses me to only have five almonds.  Even though the snack includes so much more, counting out five almonds is just sad.  I am not adventurous enough to add a raw egg to my shakes (shudders just thinking about it).   Also I tend to get bored eating the same food all the time, especially with nuts.  Then I noticed that chia seeds count as a fat, seeing as they are seeds.

I had seen some of my coworkers rocking the chia seeds in water and I knew from them that they were high in fiber which is great.  If you have ever changed your diet significantly, you gastric system can get backed up.  Fiber is really useful in cleaning you out and stabilizing your digestive system.

Les Mills says that 2 Tbsp = 45 calories, but the package of Red Mills chia seeds say that 1 Tbsp = 60 calories.  For my first attempt I mixed 2 Tbsps with 16 oz of water.  I ended up with this bizarre pudding like goop that had to get mixed with I want to say another 32 oz of water.  The seeds themselves are flavorless, and man do they absorb water!  They get this sort of clear gel that surrounds them and it gives the water an interesting texture.  My second go around, I followed the package and I loved the surprise that the seeds give the water.  Water can get really boring, so adding something like mint leaves, cucumber or chia seeds can really give it some variety.

OMG, buzzfeed actually has some good lists on it!  I'm excited to try all of these recipes!

Chia seed recipes

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