Saturday, July 12, 2014

And on the fourth day I rested

I really like this program!  The workouts are exciting and I am drenched in sweat each time.  I am literally dripping after each workout.  I'm actually sad that I don't have to work out today, but I need to rest my body.  Les Mills Combat works these recovery days in because they know that  your body needs a chance to recover from the beating it is receiving from the program.

Speaking of recovery, in P90X program, they kept talking about their recovery shake and how great it was.  I never partook in it, but I remembered how tired and beat I was after every workout.  This time around I still am not being swayed by their specially formulated organic protein powder, but I am making sure to drink a protien smoothie after every workout.  The ice and liquid cool my body down and the protein powder replenishes my tired muscles so I don't feel like all I can do is sit on the couch!  I am using EAS Lean 15 protien powder.  It seemed like the best bang for the calories of the choices at Target.  I was waffling between chocolate and vanilla, as I wasn't sure how chocolate would combine with the other mix ins when I remembered that chocolate tastes good with EVERYTHING!!!.  I've tried both recipes in the fitness guide (green tea and greek yogurt / raspberry and grapefruit juice) and I like the fruit one WAY better.  What can I say, I have a sweet tooth!

No matter what, I'm loving the shakes and they are a fantastic reward at the end of the workout!

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